I am officially starting my freshman year at UVU! I’m so excited to get started! With the new school year beginning I’ve been thinking about some goals and resolutions I want to set to make the most of this year.  As I was thinking I could really only think of one thing I wanted to work on.  Don’t get me wrong I could definitely be more organized, prepared, healthy etc.  But the one thing I really want to work on is fully enjoying my life in the present stage it’s in.  Ever since graduating high school I’ve been focusing on where I want to be in my life and how fast I can get there, but I want to enjoy the journey because I’m never going to be in this phase of my life again so I want to soak up all I can from my current phase in life.

What are some of your resolutions for the new school year?

Thanks for stopping by!

3 thoughts on “FRESHMAN

  1. You are such a wise young lady! I also need to enjoy the journey. There is so much joy in each phase of our journey! Let’s enjoy it and not try to rush through it.


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