Wow, such a warm place.  Like it was actually kinda hot hahaha haven’t felt that in months! A few of these pictures are from our trip there in October but most of it is just from this past weekend! We went down for my uncles wedding and it was the perfect weekend filled with sunshine and lots of family time.



Also you can check out the highlight reel I made here !


Back on American soil…

Back on American soil…

Wow, this blog post is about a month or two late (maybe two exactly :/ ) but I’M HOME!! I can not tell you how indescribable of a feeling it is.  I lived in a completely different culture, fell in love with the culture, food, crazy traditions and (probably the most important part here) I fell in love with getting to know people and their stories.  People have some AMAZING stories don’t they?! One of the saddest things to me about the fast paced world we live in, is we skip over a lot of stuff, some of you might be skipping over this as we speak just wanting to see the pictures, I get it y’all, I’ve been there before haha.  But all jokes aside that’s something I really want to keep up, really getting to know people.

  I would love to go into depth about why I chose to serve a mission and what a mission is all about but quite frankly that would take a really long blog post, and these things are more interesting when they’re short.  But if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask! I would love to answer them! Or you can check out a little of what I believe here!

Now for the “BIG MOMENT” recap, I can not tell you all how HAPPY I was to see my family again.  Wow, they are the best and I am eternally grateful for them.  Those first hugs and choking back the tears when I came home are something I will never forget.  There are just no words that can describe the emotion of something like that.  A year and a half completely on my own, learning to rely on the Lord with all my heart and then finally getting to see the ones that were cheering me on the whole time, if you guys are reading this just know that I LOVE you, have never felt more gratitude for anyone in my entire life and I am currently crying because all the feels are coming back now haha I love you all sooooo much!

So yes, I am home, happy and really grateful for the opportunity I had to serve the people of Spain.  DSC_5801


















To see my homecoming video click Here!

Also HUGE thanks to my main girl Koryn Rice for the pics and vid,  love you long time girlfriend :))













I’m so thankful for a holiday that reminds us to focus on what we have instead of what we wish we had.  I grateful to have such wonderful friends and family to celebrate thanksgiving with as well! I was in charge of the table decorations this year (I can’t cook haha).  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!  Thanks for stopping by!


Spain, Malaga……Here I come!

Spain, Malaga……Here I come!

I received my mission call a couple weeks ago and I think it is finally starting to sink in that I am actually going! I have been called to serve in the Spain, Malaga Mission! I am so excited to get to meet the amazing people of spain and immerse myself in the culture.  I will be in Southern spain, from what I’ve heard the weather is fairly mild all year round.  Also I’ve heard there is a lot of diversity there, since it is on the coast there are people from everywhere!  I think I got pretty lucky with the area I get to serve in.









I am officially starting my freshman year at UVU! I’m so excited to get started! With the new school year beginning I’ve been thinking about some goals and resolutions I want to set to make the most of this year.  As I was thinking I could really only think of one thing I wanted to work on.  Don’t get me wrong I could definitely be more organized, prepared, healthy etc.  But the one thing I really want to work on is fully enjoying my life in the present stage it’s in.  Ever since graduating high school I’ve been focusing on where I want to be in my life and how fast I can get there, but I want to enjoy the journey because I’m never going to be in this phase of my life again so I want to soak up all I can from my current phase in life.

What are some of your resolutions for the new school year?

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